Phyto DS Forbidden Serum



Five years of intensive research into highly exclusive ingredients provided remarkable results. Every drop of Phyto Gold Essence makes you feel and see a visible improvement of your skin texture. Just one drop is 3 to 5 times more powerful as traditional concentrates and ampoules. The combination of colloidal Gold – gold is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wrinkle reducing, firming, hydrating – with precious plant stem cells, natural untreated phytosterols and other exquisite ingredients, is tailored to the needs of every skin condition (including sensitive, allergic skin). After the very first application you can sense and see your very own skin perfection. Lines and wrinkles diminish, imperfections are eliminated, regeneration is stimulated and deep effective moisturizing is enabled so as to increase the resistance of the skin.

  •  pH-Value :  5.2-6.2
  • Appearance  :  White milky gel
  • Packaging  : 3 x 5ml mini glass bottle with pipette with folding box
  • Skin Type  :  For all skin types; even for sensitive skin






Phyto DS Forbidden Serum

With the combination of various complexes, as well as the intensity of the used hightech active ingredients, you can feel their effect directly on the skin. The Serum gives you immediate and efficient skin tightening. The XEP_018 complex as well as the Dynalift complex significantly reduces wrinkles, fine lines and improves the skin rigidity. The microcirculation is activated, the skin stem cells gain in vitality, lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is intensely hydrated.


  • Express lifting, smoothes skin surface instantly
  • Minimises lines and wrinkles
  • Instant stretching
  • Nourishing and soothing
  • Instant long lasting skin lifting effect
  • keeps the skin looking youthful longer


Apply three drops to your face morning and evening after cleansing. In order to strengthen the rejuvenating effect, use the Phyto De luxe Lift Cream after the application of the serum.

Another milestone in Mila d‘Opiz history

The DS Forbidden Serum stands for highest quality with a touch of prestige and mystic
Since 1938 Mila d’Opiz Laboratories have dedicated themselves to cosmetics the highest level for your well-being. Ever since the head of Reasearch & Development has developped the Phyto Deluxe line is has been succesfully ameliorated and pushed to be the representative line of the brand. With this utmost product, the DS FORBIDDEN SERUM, the line regains regeneration and will be leading the way with an innovative anti-aging product. The balance between texture, activity and costs is one of the most challenging tasks for the development because all these attributes have a direct influence on the customers purchasing decision. The sensorial appreciation as well as the activity is even of further importance because they are often linked to the perception of quality.
Thanks to the symbiosis of different complexes, Matrixyl, XEP_18, Dynalift together with advanced biotechnology progress , the MILA D‘OPIZ laboratories have developped a unique product of the highest quality for the benefit, well-being and youth of your skin. The Serum offers your skin much more than a rejuvenating elixir, it suffuse a remarkable feeling of well-being and evenness from the very first moment. The utmost combination of fast-acting age-defying elements helps your skin to maintain and boost elasticity, smoothness and a youthful refined appearance.
The story behind the name

The DS stands for deep sea – as the XEP_18 complex (Mu-Conotoxin Cniiic) is partially created from the venom of the deep sea snail found in the ocean near Queensland. As this complex is an incredible breakthrough in cosmetics we wanted to include it in the creation. The mystical, interesting but not reachable, you want to know what that is, because it‘s glamourous and shiny. What is it? Can I touch it? Everybody is talking about… I want to see, let me see please…
The serum is sinfully good and gives the feeling of being pushed onto something forbidden.
Looking on recent history of creating specialities (eg. The Skin Whisperer) we have decided to establish for further marketing reasons a unique name in the beauty world – as the serum deserves it.


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