Purifying Peeling



  • AC.Net Complex
  • Seboclear Complex
  • Microsilver
  • Vitamin E, Panthenal
  • pH-value : 5.8-6.5
  • Appearance  : White Paste with abrasives
  • Packaging  : 50 ml tubes with folding box


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Purifying Peeling

  • Mild fruit acids benefit the loosening of the dead skin cells
  • Refines and evens the skin structure
  • Activates the regeneration of the cells
  • Anti‐inflammatory, anti‐bacterial
  • Makes the skin look bright and fresh

Apply a hazelnut‐sized amount of Purifying Peeling to the dry face, neck and neckline. Massage it on, softly and without pressure, avoid the eye and lip areas. As an option you could wet your hands a little so that the Peeling will become slightly creamy. Wash it off with lots of lukewarm water.

Do not use Peeling with exfoliating particles on open, inflamed particles (the particles could enter the open pustules). On inflamed skin, massage in gently and leave for only a short time. In the salon, Purifying Peeling may be used with or without steam. Purifying Peeling can be emulsified with the brush


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